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Ethereum Staking

Ethereum is the first crypto currency we heard about back in 2016. After going through the whitepaper we were sure that it will change the financial system in the future. We started mining Ethereum late 2016. It is through Ethereum we learned a lot about blockchain and DLT.

We love Ethereum and we would love to provide staking service in future but only if it is in Decentralized, Non-Custodial and Trustless manner.

If you have 32 Eth then you can run validator following the official guide provided on the Ethereum Launchpad website or Beconchain website.

If you have less than 32 Eth then we recommend staking you Eth with Rocketpool.

You can also run validator node with 16 or 8 Eth in Rocketpool. I have already discussed about Rocketpool in my blogs. Rocketpool is Decentralized, Non-Custodial and Trustless pool.

With Houston mainnet upgrade RPIP-32 allows an account to stake ETH on behalf of a Rocket Pool node that is registered in the protocol.

We will be launching our eth validator node after Houston mainnet upgrade. Staking Eth or RPL on behalf of a node service will be available then.

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