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Miner Parts

We are miners and we love mining, So we understand better the needs of miners.

The following miner parts are often not available in the market and are highly priced. These parts are very essential to complete your mining rig setup. We are planning to supply these parts to miners at reasonable price and best quality. Along with miner parts we also intend to supply quality cables and accessories for servers running Ethereum validators or Cardano nodes.

  • Corsair psu HX 1200 is having 6 X 8 pin pcie ports but comes with 2 X EPS/ATX 12V 8pin (4+4) 2 cables and 8 X PCIE 8 pin (6+2) 4 cables. So you need one more pcie cable to run a 5 GPU rig. As we recommend using corsair HX series psu for your rig. So we will provide pcie psu cable for HX series.

  • GPU to PSU pcie extension cables.

  • USB powered risers are often of poor quality and highly priced. So we want to provide quality risers at reasonable price to the miners.

  • Additional SATA cables to power the risers.

  • In regard to the rig chassis build, standoffs, which supports the motherboard are very important and essential part of your rig.

  • When comes to cable management TIE-LOCK nylon cable ties are very essential to complete you rig setup.

  • Server cables and accessories 

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