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PSP Annual Report: A Year in Review 2021-2022

PSP completed running the stake pool for two years since mainnet launch on 29th July 2022 and so do PSP on 30th July 2022. We are thankful to the SPOs, who helped and guided us in running our pool uninterruptedly. We are also thankful to the delegators, who trusted us in staking with our pool but due to lack of delegation, we were unable to mint blocks.

In these two years, we have not achieved much and have not been able to go ahead with our vision due to a lack of delegation support. But in epoch 301 PSP minted its 22nd block on 9th November 2021 with an active stake of 342.4K₳, luck 323% and ROA 7.27%. We are thankful to the delegators for making this happen.

Pool parameters remain the same as the last year. We were not able to increase the pledge as promised as we are not minting blocks and the VPS bill is increasing with increased data size. We continue to run our pool on a cloud server so that we can guarantee our delegators 99.9% uptime. Our pool still runs on three cloud servers. One block producing Core node. Two Relay nodes is India and Frankfurt. Digital Ocean will remain our preferred cloud service provider as usual. We prefer Digital Ocean due to its flexibility and reliability.

Pool Parameters:

Pledge 4.95k₳

Fixed Costs 340₳

Margin 1%

Server Details (present):

OS: Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) x64


Memory: 16GB

SSD Disk: 320GB

Bandwidth: 6TB

In regard to the parameters a0, d, k:

a0 - pledge factor: Right now no minimum pool pledge is fixed by the IOHK.

d - decentralization factor: The parameter d became zero in epoch 257 on 31/03/21. That means the Cardano node is now fully decentralized.

k - saturation factor: Parameter K still remains at K =500, which was changed from K=150 in December, at Epoch 234, the max saturation level has been lowered to 64M ₳. IOG proposed to raise K from K=500 to K=750 in near future.

We still have neither received delegation support from IOHK nor from Cardano Foundation CF. We are trying our best to promote our pool to receive delegation support.

Till now we have not shared much about our personal side. Government regulation on crypto is in progress. Trust and faith on government policy on crypto regulation is still uncertain.We will definitely share our personal side when all when things are all in order and our pool is successfully minting blocks.

As always we will continue making quality content in Blockchain Technology, Cardano and Ethereum. Also, continue helping others in understanding the basics and become self-motivated in taking the next leap forward with blockchain technology.

Till now due to a lack of funds, we were not able to support any project or helped others in need to carry on with our vision. We are looking forward to your support during this second year of our stake pool operation. You can make a big impact on others' life simply by delegating your stake. Support us to transform our vision into action. Together we can make the world a better place to live in with equal opportunities.

Added pool milestones page on our website to keep you updated with the latest milestones that we cross as we move ahead with our stake pool operation. You can visit our pool milestones here.

Support us. Let's grow together. See you in the pool.

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