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Rocket Pool - Stake ETH on behalf of a node

Rocket Pool's next major upgrade “Houston” will go live in just a week on the 17th June!

With this upgrade, one can Stake ETH on Behalf of a node. Enable an independent address to fund a registered node with ETH. Subsequently, the node can utilise this ETH to make deposits, without having direct access to the ETH.

This supports a variety of situations were the node operator is not directly providing the ETH:

  • Enhanced security for node operators, as they can stake directly from their hardware wallet, eliminating the need to transfer funds to the node beforehand

  • Staking as a Service providers where custody of funds are managed by a trusted custodian

  • Protocol integrations where custody of funds are managed by smart contracts

  • DAOs or organisations where custody of funds are managed by a treasury

Rocket Pool currently allows node operators to specify a withdrawal address for their ETH and RPL. This could be an external hardware wallet or something similarly secure.

With this new addition, you can set a withdrawal address for your ETH and a new one for your RPL if you wish. The RPL withdrawal address if set will be able to trigger and claim RPL from inflation rewards and will have no effect on ETH consensus rewards or anything related to ETH.

This creates some interesting opportunities where RPL can be trustlessly supplied by an entity to a node operator that does not wish to have exposure to RPL. That entity can then claim RPL rewards for putting up the required insurance collateral for the node.

For more details read the RP documents:

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