Ethereum Medalla testnet with Rocketpool Beta.

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Supporting Rocketpool with their Beta release of Ethereum Medalla testnet. Running their node 24/7 on my cloud server. Will support them till their Beta ends. Rocketpool will be good option for those who don't have 32 Eth to run full node. Also Rocketpool will be better than staking on any exchange, where you don't hold your keys. Rocketpool is decentralized,non-custodial and trust less platform and you hold your own keys.

Using good old Geth as Eth1 client and Lighthouse as Eth2 client. You can also use Infura and Prysm as client for Eth1 and Eth2 respectively. It took me more than 24 hrs for the both chains to get synchronized for the first time. During testnet it is found that Lighthouse takes less time to get synchronized and is more stable than Prysm. Feeling like a whale running 100 minipools with 16 Eth each. My node is paired with other nodes to form validators having 32 Eth. I wish I have at least 32 Eth to validate solo as a validator when Eth2 mainnet launches. Although first phase of Ethereum 2.0 , phase 0 is scheduled to launch on December 1, Rocket pool will be on mainnet on first quarter of 2021.

Here are some pictures of my cloud server running Rocketpool's Beta Medalla testnet :

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