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From A to Z: Ethereum Glossary

Basic knowledge of terms related to Ethereum you must have. Along with the brief explanation, we have added external links from reliable resources available on the internet to make you understand better and effortlessly. We will keep updating the glossary list periodically until we have the complete one. Let us know if we have missed any term you would find helpful.


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0x is an Ethereum-based open-source platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies. It allows for the creation of features in a decentralized exchange (DEX), a wallet or a marketplace.

A type of attack on a decentralized network where a group gains control of the majority of nodes. This would allow them to defraud the blockchain by reversing transactions and double spending ether and other tokens.



A claim made by an entity that something is true. In context of Ethereum, consensus validators must make a claim as to what they believe the state of the chain to be. At designated times, each validator is responsible for publishing different attestations that formally declare this validator's view of the chain, including the last finalized checkpoint and the current head of the chain.



A liquidity pool is group of tokens that are locked in a smart contract and used for trading between assets on a decentralized exchange (DEX) like Uniswap.

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