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Launching our pool

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

PrimeStakePool started functioning with shelley mainnet launch. Our first priority is to customize the pool tech-wise in every possible way to perform the best. Our server is of highest configuration running on cloud with several relays. We keep monitoring our server to run and maintain the Cardano node on a 24/7 basis.

As blocks will not be minted by pools during the first two epochs as per the delegation cycle posted in the previous blog "Shelley Mainnet Launch". So we are not much focused on the amount of ADA pledged and delegated. We just started off with minimum ADA required to register our pool.

From epoch 2 onwards we will take care of the investment part. We will also start promoting our pool in every possible way to attract delegators with lowest possible fees so that they get benefited most by joining our pool. We want to become "people's pool" by offering services they need to earn maximum rewards. Delegators can contact us freely if they need any support. We need our delegator's support. They can help us in promoting our pool. Together we can make our pool most rewarding and successful in the long run. We have committed to provide long term top-notch service.

The benefit of delegating your stake in small pool is that you can reap maximum share of your profit. We never participated in "Shelley Incentivized Testnet". So we don't have much fund to pledge. From epoch 2 onwards we will be adding funds as pledge from our side. Whatever rewards we will get from epoch 3 onwards will also be added as pledge into our pool. We will be doing so till we get sufficient amount of ADA pledged to make our pool looks attractive. Once the pool becomes saturated then we will launch subsequent pools.

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