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PSP once again starts minting blocks. We count on you.

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Hello all!!!

Hope you are doing great and must have started staking or have plans to do so.

We waited for a long time and once again got an opportunity to mint blocks. This time we really need your support for our pool to grow. This epoch, epoch 295 we have received delegation support of 325K ₳ from a single delegator. We are very much thankful to him/her. We are delighted to invite you to stake with us in our pool. Our pool will definitely start minting blocks from epoch 297 onwards, when the stake 325K ₳ will be counted on active stake. Total active stake will be 341.89 K ₳ on epoch 297. Right now 325K ₳ is in live stake. Please stake by the end of epoch 295, so that your stake will be counted along with 325K ₳ in the active stake in epoch 297. Epoch 295 ends on 12th Oct at around 9:30 pm UTC. You will start getting rewards from epoch 299 onwards from our pool. Any rewards you get before epoch 299 comes from your previous pools you staked with.

Although with this much active stake it is not possible to mint blocks in every epoch but the ROA (return of ADA, annualised) of the epoch in which blocks are minted will be higher than that of big pools, which have very high stake or almost saturated. You can do your own research on or

Go through the FAQ on primestakepool website if you have any question. If you have any other question, then contact us on our website, mail us or ask us in the telegram support channel. Right now 2M ₳ is required to mint blocks in every epoch. If we are successful in increasing the active stake to min 1.5M ₳ then our pool will mint blocks frequently/every epoch. We request you to stake with us for at least one month, then compare the rewards you are getting with your previous pools you staked with. Also we request you to rotate your delegation and give other small pools an opportunity to grow. It is the delegator, who can make or break anyone's Stake Pool. Help decentralize Cardano blockchain. This is what blockchain meant to be.

Support us. Let's grow together. See you in the pool.

😀Happy Staking


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