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Updated: May 23, 2021

I tried to recover my wallet with mnemonic on my new server running rocketpool smart node client v0.0.4, but failed to do so. Every time I get the same message: "could not recover wallet: validator xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx key not found". There must be some bug.

I access my old ubuntu server running rocketpool smart node client v0.0.3, from my local pc using windows power shell using 'rpl' command. I did so following this guide by Jake Pospischil on medium In my local pc I am having dual boot operating system. Ubuntu and windows. As amazon aws in expensive so I decided to shift to new server.

This time I ssh from ubuntu local to ubuntu server with 'rocketpool' command. Transferring file from ubuntu server to windows I am not that familiar with. Since not able to recover my wallet in new server, so thought of transfering the [/.rocketpool/data] folder form old server to new server. I never tried from server to server. I was trying from old server to my local pc as I am familiar with it with scp command. But realized it is not that easy to do so. Every time I get error 'permission denied'. Then I realized checking files/folder permissions as I knew write permission is to be given to others for files to get transferred. Now in the ‘data’ folder all files/folders have different permissions. I checked permission of each folder files with command: [stat -c "%a" filename]. Folders have permission 700 and files have permission 600. So I used: [chmod 777 file] command to change permission. Then I was able to successfully transfer the files to my local pc.

Now in the old server with ‘data’ folder file permission changed I tried once again to recover my wallet in new server but still get the same error.

Now on my local pc I once again changed the file permissions of ‘data’ folder from 777 to as it was earlier. After doing that I transferred the data folder to my new server using ‘scp’ command. Then on my new server I run command [rocketpool wallet status] and it shows my wallet and all the minipools as it was. Make sure that you stop the node with [rocketpool service stop] and restart it with [rocketpool service start] after you have transfer the data folder. Otherwise your validators will be in the offline state. You can check the validators logs with [rocketpool service logs validator].

Then I terminated my old server. Now will continue providing support with my new server till their Beta ends.

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