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Prime Stake Pool.

A Decentralized Cardano Staking Pool

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Our Story

Established in June 2020 in India, Prime Stake Pool started operating since mainnet launch. 

Back in 2016 we started taking keen interest in cryptocurrency and realised the power of blockchain. Blockchain DLT could fundamentally change the financial sector, making it more efficient, resilient and reliable.

So we started mining ethereum by running full node on local computer. We believed in ethereum so we supported it by mining 24/7.Our belief turned into reality when Dapps,DeFi came into existence.Now with ethereum shifting from POW to POS we believe POS is going to be the next big thing in the cryptospace and blockchain technology. 

So after ethereum we also believe in cardano.It is a decentralised staking coin.One can delegate as well as run its own stake pool.

Who We Are

We are college friends got separated by fortune but united by blockchain. 

We graduated from premier engineering institute in India. After college we travelled our own path to make our fortune but future headed nowhere.This is when we realised we must utilise our full potential to realise our dream. Our dream to create our own startup.This is when blockchain DLT showed us the way. It is the "red pill' which kept us in wonderland and showed us how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Our Vision

We are all about the community. Our vision is to engage all ADA holders in securing the network by staking.

We help educating common user, in order to make it easier for them to stake their ADA, and help in securing the Cardano protocol.

We believe in giving back to the society for the welfare of the lesser privileged. It is our moral obligation to do so. 

Help NGOs through donation and sponsor their activities.

Promote financial inclusion by educating disadvantaged section of the society. Banking the unbanked in remote parts of India. Cardano could be used to offer financial services to many who don't have bank account but have access to internet via mobile.

To support us in funding our own projects. To support fresh graduates, who are struggling in life to make their mark by encouraging them and funding their startup projects. Thus making life meaningful. In return they can empower others thus helping us to accomplish our vison. Support us to transform our vision into action.

About Us




Pool Details 

Server Details

Three servers running on cloud VPS.

One block producing Core node.

Two Relay nodes. We will be adding relays in different geographical locations to improve connectivity and availability.

OS: Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) x64


Memory: 16GB

SSD Disk: 320GB

Bandwidth: 6TB

Our servers are currently running in India and Frankfurt.

What We Offer

Trust and Security

Your staking rewards are safe with us. Our infrastructure is based on cloud, protected with firewalls. The data centers we are using are protected 24/7 and we plan to run several relay nodes to further secure our stakepool.

We have chosen to have our stakepool on cloud for security reasons, as we want your money to be safe, but also to make sure our pool is always up, in order for you to gain more staking rewards. 

Staking Service

We are providing public ADA staking pools where you pay a small 1% fee to cover our server running cost.

We have chosen the fixed percentage fee, so we get some commission only when you have earned something, if not then no commission for us. So it’s a win win scenario.

Delegate your stake to us, and we will pay you high rewards. It is risk free to delegate your stake, and you will earn interest by simply holding your ADA.


Fixed fee (cost per epoch): 340 ₳
Pool margin fee: 1.00%
Our minimal fees ensures you are properly rewarded for placing your trust in our pool.

N.B.- Fixed fee (cost per epoch) is min mandatory fee as per IOHK.



Deep Industry Knowledge

We have gathered rich experience from various industry sector form core technical to service sector. 

The knowledge gained boosted our confidence to start our own startup. We believe in innovation for any startup to survive in the long run. Managerial skills developed will help us to take strategic decisions in reaching the next level in staking service.

Years of Experience

Our invaluable years of experience taught us how to handle situations in difficult times to make project sustainable.We have committed to go a long way.

In-house Research and Development

We always strive for the best option to run our pool so that our delegators can maximise their return.

We are planning to host our server in-house in future as running on cloud is expensive. We have to invest in building proper infrastructure to run our stake pool 24/7.

We will implement renewable energy power source which is environmentally sustainable. We will use solar energy as our primary power source to meet our power requirements to run the Cardano stake pool, Ethereum validator and a small GPU mining farm.

Proper power backup system along with reliable high speed internet is essential so that we can guarantee our delegators 99.9% uptime.

Why Us



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