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How to install and open wallet in Daedalus

  1. Read here about System Requirments

  2. Daedalus is a resource intensive application. If you want to manage ada quickly and easily you can try Yoroi lite wallet.

  3. Go to Prime Stake Pool website and click on get the wallet. Here you will find different platforms available for both Yoroi and Daedalus wallet.

4. For Daedalus only desktop version is available as you need to run full node on your local computer.

5. Click on Daedalus and it will take you to the official page of Daedalus wallet.

6. Click on download to go to the download page directly.You can find here the latest version available for different platforms. At the time of making the guide version 2.0.1 was available.

7. We will download the windows version here for explanation but the process is same across all other platforms. Click on download and it will start downloading the executable file (.exe).

8. Locate the downloaded file by clicking show in folder. Generally it is downloaded in the download folder.

9. Click on the downloaded file Daedalus-2.0.1-mainnet-14017 to begin the installation process.

10. By default it will get install under program files. You can change the destination folder. But it is better to keep under program files.

11. Wait for sometime for the installation process gets complete.

12. Now you will find Daedalus mainnet wallet icon has appeared on your desktop screen.

13. Click on the desktop icon and it will start synchronizing with the mainnet by downloading the database of the entire blockchain on your computer. Thus you are running the full node on your local computer. You can find the blockchain database here C:\Users\anupa\AppData\Roaming\Daedalus Mainnet\chain.

By default AppData folder will be hidden.

14. It will take around 45 min for the first time to get synchronize with the mainnet depending on the speed of your internet connection.

15. The wallet will not open and you can't proceed until and unless it gets fully synchronize (100% complete) with the mainnet.

16. It will take some more time for the wallet data to get synchronize.

17. As I am re-installing the wallet I got logged in directly into my account.

18. Earlier I had my account in Yoroi wallet and so I had to restore my wallet in Daedalus using the 15 words seed phrase. Then I created a new Shelley wallet using 24 words seed phrase and transferred my ADA from my Byron wallet to Shelley wallet as I cannot make any transaction nor delegate using Byron wallet. Now the mainnet network is shifting from Byron to Shelley, so now all new users are required to open shelley wallet with 24 words seed phrase.

19. This is my Shelley wallet and you can see that I can make transactions.

20. Click on restore and we will have three options to choose from.

21. We will choose Yoroi as I restored my wallet from Yoroi using 15 words seed phrase.

22. Now we will create a new Shelley wallet. Click on create.

23. Enter the details.

24. Click "Create Shelley Wallet" to proceed.

25. Read carefully the instruction related to recovery phrase.Click continue to proceed with the recovery phrase.

26. Note down the 24 words recovery phrase in offline mode. Write it on paper and store it securely. It is the last resort to restore your account.

27. Type in the 24 words phrase as noted down by you to verify.

28. Check the boxes to agree and click confirm.

29. Shelley wallet has been created. We can make transaction by sending and receiving


30. Now we will delete this account. I created it just to show you the procedure. Click on more, then settings and you will get a confirmation page pop-up to delete the wallet.

31. Type in the name of the wallet you want to delete and then click delete.

32. The test wallet has been deleted.

33. Now click the icon on the left side column from where you can delegate your ada. How to delegate your ada will be shown in another blog.

34. Coming back to my Shelley wallet.

35. Close the wallet by clicking the cross.

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