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Running Ethereum 2.0 Validator on Pyrmont Testnet

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Running Ethereum 2.0 Validator on Pyrmont testnet with Rocketpool Beta. See the performance of PSP on Beaconchain leaderboard. Ranked 8 based on 24 days. Ranks above PSP are based on 1 month or more. Really got confidence boosted to run validator on mainnet in future. PSP will provide Ethereum staking service in future only if it is in Decentralized, Non-Custodial and Trustless manner.

PSP Validator 103860 details. Rank 8

See live performance of PSP Ethereum 2.0 validator 103860 here. You can also search for PSP or Prime Stake Pool on validators leaderboard to see the performance of all 4 validators here.

Ranked 12th in Rocketpool Beta leaderboard.

Earnings from top 2 nodes being considered for ranking. Will be receiving POAP's that I will put up on the website.

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